The Future Is Now


The March 23 – 24 kickoff event for our conference series drew rave reviews and presented powerful solutions for a bright energy future. 

The program focused on two timely themes: Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuels for transportation.

The next conference track will be on Energy Efficiency achievements and opportunities. 
Our goal is to make future tracks of the conference free-of-charge (optional donation-based) with unlimited capacity for live online attendance from anywhere!! By this means the results of these sessions will truly be sweeping! But we can't do it alone.

Through supporting The Energy Solutions Initiative you can help bring a range of energy solutions to reality by taking positive ACTION on one or more of the steps below.

March Event Replays – Purchase a set of the event replays and take them in at your convenience. Or make a donation to our charitable nonprofit and, as thanks for your support, you’ll receive access to replays of your choice. Click here to order any and all of interest.

Energy E-Books – Production is underway for an Energy Experts Interview series (first two coming in April) and a super handy resource guide that everyone who cares about the future of energy will want to have! Click here to order yours.

Sponsors – Become a sponsor for the next (or a future) track of our “modular conference”, and/or for the Energy E-Book, and gain positive publicity for your company or organization while furthering the goals of a bright energy future. Send us a note via the Contact tab above with "Sponsor".in the Subject line and we'll send you a package.

Support Services – If you’re a nonprofit or public agency, call on us for a range of top quality support services. Click here for more.

Making a difference for the future depends on individuals and organizations taking ACTION. By showing your support here you’ll be an important “part of the solution” for a clean and vibrant energy future.

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