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Energy Policy

The 2016 Presidential candidates have spoken out on a range of energy-related issues. The Energy Solutions Conference will tackle topics they have raised among other pressing concerns for states and the nation. 

Jobs and the economy, the environment and climate change, national security, consumer spending, citizen empowerment and sustainability are some of the issues and needs to be dealt with as part of this landmark event.

Through a simple Google search, positions and statements of candidates for public office can be found online on a host of topics. Some organizations track and publish candidate positions on key public interest topics.The League of Conservation Voters publishes such a report on Energy topics . Click here to access their 2016 report. Other examples are here: National Geographic, Forbes Magazine, US Google for other such information as may be of interest.

While you’re here, be sure to sign up for all or part of the national 2016 Energy Solutions Conference. You can attend online (easy to do via computer or mobile device) or in person. All views and questions are welcome as part of our events.

Note: The conference host is non-partisan and does not endorse political candidates. Information featured on this Website is for information only on energy topics and opportunities for solutions.