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  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Karl R. Rábago, Executive Director, Pace Energy & Climate Center (NY); former roles as Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Department of Energy; Commissioner, Texas Public Utility Commission; Vice President of Distributed Energy Services, Austin Energy; & other key roles                                                    Topic: “Utilities of the Future: Opportunities for a Cleaner, Greener & Empowered Electric Grid”  

  • Steve Clemmer -  Director of Energy Research & Analysis, Union of Concerned Scientists                                                                                                           Topic: The Clean Power Plan Opportunity: Accelerating the Transition to Renewables

  • Ruth McCormick - Director of Federal & State Affairs, Business Council for Sustainable Energy                                                                                                                         Topic: Clean Energy Solutions: Providing Sustainable Energy in America  ... technology markets, impacts of industry sectors, other findings of the Sustainable Energy in America Fact Book 

"Solar Plus"     Donate $25 or more for this package plus E-Book!

Solar Energy, Utilities & Community-Based Renewables:

  • Jennifer Szaro - Senior Director of Programs, Solar Electric Power Association/Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA)                                                                                Topic: “Utility Solar: the Expanding Nexus Between Electric Utilities & Solar Energy”
  • Andrea Luecke - President & Executive Director, The Solar Foundation                    Topic: “Solar Energy & the Economy: Job Creation, Business Growth & Economic Development for Communities”
  • Emily Stiever – Chief of Staff, Community Power Network                                  Topic: “Community EmPowerment: Helping Communities Go Solar with Solar Co-ops”
  • Josh Halley - Renewable Power Program Manager, Portland General Electric
    Topic: Innovative Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Services, Approaches & Results

  • Philipp Beiter - Energy Markets & Policy Analyst, Strategic Energy Analysis Center, Strategic Energy Analysis Center, National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)                   Topic: “Renewable Energy Data Book – Trends & Key Statistics in Renewable Energy”
  • Dr. James Fenton - Director, Florida Solar Energy Center
    Topic: PV, EV & Your Home: How Transportation and Grid Integration Work Together

"Planning Plus"          Donate $15 or more for this package plus E-Book!

Community Planning, Community Innovations  Rural Opportunities:

  • Community Planning for Renewables - Lindy Wordlaw, AICP   -- Chair, Environment, Natural Resources & Energy Division, American Planning Association  
  • Alternatives for Community-Based  Initiatives - Chris Castro, LEED GA, CPB,Senior Energy Advisor, Program Manager, City Energy Project, Office of Sustainability & Energy, City of Orlando
  • Rural Communities: Opportunities & Resources for Renewable Energy - Jefferson County Small Business Development Program 

"Green Power"   *    Donate $15 or more for this package plus E-Book!

Green Power Markets, Trends & Opportunities:

  • Christopher Kent – Program Manager, Green Power Partnerships Program, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • Eric O’Shaughnessy -  Market & Policy Impact Group, Strategic Energy Analysis Center, National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) 
  • Jennifer Martin – Executive Director, Center for Resource Solutions

"Bio-energy"    *     Donate $15 or more for this package plus E-Book!

Bioenergy: National Outlook on Achievements & Potential:

  • Jonathan Male, Director, Office of Bioenergy Technologies, US Department of Energy (USDOE)      
  • Bob Cleaves - President, Biomass Power Association 

"Transportation Fuels"  *  Donate $25 or more for this package plus E-Book!

Clean Cities & Alternative Fuel Vehicles:  

  • Colleen Kettles - Clean Cities Coordinator, FL & Florida Solar Energy Center Program Director
  • Dr. James Fenton - Director, Florida Solar Energy Center
    Topic: PV, EV & Your Home: How Transportation and Grid Integration Work Together

  • Trevelyn Hall - Clean Cities Southeast Region Manager, US DOE/National Energy Technology Lab - Office of Energy Project Management
  • Cornelius Willingham - Electric Vehicle Strategy & Business Development Manager, Nissan USA
  • Britta Gross - Director, Advanced Vehicle Commercialization Policy, General Motors
  • Kenneth Hernandez - Program Manager, Alternative Fuel Vehicles, TECO Energy – Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas
  • Anne-Louise Seabury - Electric Vehicle Program Manager, Florida Power & Light

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